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The Ultimate Revelation Of Fitness Coach: Should You Hire A Virtual Trainer?

There is so much technology out there today.  We have more opportunities and more is accessible to us than ever before.  Services that used to be limited to brick or mortar can now be done online, often with face-to-face video communication.  The same goes for gyms and fitness programs.

It should go without saying that fitness is an important part of life. CrossFit gyms in Pittsburgh Exercise relieves stress, helps us sleep, manages our bodyweight, makes our bodies stronger, and helps us live longer.  And that’s just a few of the benefits. However, sometimes, it’s hard to make fitness a consistent part of your life. Even though we know we should do something, we don’t always have the knowledge or motivation to do it.  People often say, “I know I should workout, I just don’t do it because (insert excuse here).” Or, we might hear, “I know I should workout, but I don’t know what to do.” This is where a coach steps in.


Personal Attention:  

When you are in a fitness class, you will receive some attention from the class coach.  When you are working with a virtual fitness coach, you get full attention.


This is number one.  As humans, we hate going back on our word.  When you work with a fitness coach, that coach is going to make you set tasks and then hold you accountable for completing those tasks.  A fitness coach won’t yell at you, or get frustrated, when you fail. He/she will work with you to determine triggers and roadblocks to work through.

Regular Check Ins: 

Your fitness coach will check in with you weekly, if not more.  This will depend on your desired level of service. Some will need personal training.  In those instances, your fitness coach will be with you virtually every time you train.  If you simply want personal programming to do on your time, you fitness coach will check in once a week to make sure you are on track.

It’s Designed for You:  

You will work one-on-one with your fitness coach to put together a fitness program that is designed for you.  This is a personalized program. We aren’t talking about a customized program. A customized program is a general program that has been modified. On the contrary, your fitness coach will start from scratch because you are a unique person with unique goals and needs.



There is always the concern that a personal fitness coach is really expensive.  That’s not always the case. Certainly, it’s going to depend on your level of service.  For example, a personal training coach that is with you virtually every time you work out is going to be more than asking a fitness coach for personal programming.  However, because it’s virtual, we don’t have all the overhead of leases, equipment, cleaning, etc. So, we can keep the cost low for you. For example, at Industrial Athletics, virtual coaching can start as low as $40/week.



When you make the decision to hire a fitness coach, you are making a decision to bring someone in your life to force you to do what you know you should do.  You are literally paying someone to keep you accountable. CrossFit Pittsburgh coach is a neutral, unbiased, unattached third party in your life.  This allows your fitness coach to look at what you are doing well and evaluate where you are struggling without being clouded by emotions.Learn More About Fitness Trainer Essentials for the Personal Trainer

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